Lee Supply | 48" Thermal Profile Machine

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Miter, beveling, and speciality cuts done right and right on time.

The advanced capabilities of Lee Supply’s 48" thermal profile machine allow us to miter, bevel and square cut 3" to 48" OD pipe to your specifications* , using precise, computer-controlled, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting technologies. We can also do short length runs of BBE pipe cuts (e.g. 2" BBE lengths). From pressure vessel holes, to mitered ends for fire tubes, we can handle it. Our specialty cut capabilities include saddles, saddle strainers, chamfers, elliptical cuts and rotated oblong holes, plus markings and more.

Expert, efficient, affordable service.

Lee Supply can program your cuts from drawings or CAD files, enabling us to expedite even the most complex cuts. Our automated cutting line provides uninterrupted material flow, superior cut control and incredible precision — while alleviating the costs and delays often associated with manual cutting. Bottom line? Our top-notch crew and high-tech capabilities can help you meet delivery deadlines and stay within budget. Just send us your CAD drawing, we’ll do the programming, and you’ll get the finished cuts done to your exact specifications.

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Call 918.587.8181 or 1.800.375.3753 to speak to us about our products and services. We’re confident we can become your trusted resource for custom pipe-cutting, beveling and mitering – plus save you time and money. Let Lee Supply quote your next job.

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